Revenue Generation

The TeleCorrections system will allow your facility to save money through:

  • Labor savings: eliminate inmate escorts to and from housing units to the visitor area and manage the public in the visitor area.
  • Labor and vehicle transportation savings: occur as a result of no longer having to transport inmates to and from a facility for professional visits (e.g., court appearances, psychiatric evaluations, counselling, etc.) or for county or state visits (e.g., bail, probation, parole, etc.) at the jail.
  • Savings associated with a reduction in contraband flows and the increased safety and security of staff and inmates.

Primonics’ revenue generation network provides correctional facilities with opportunities to generate recurring revenue from clients such as private attorneys and public visitors. Primonics provides transparency by being the facility’s partner and providing all the client side services and support (subscriptions, activations, invoicing, credit card processing, helpdesk support, etc.)

Our revenue generation network makes it very easy for facilities to leverage their existing video visitation infrastructure and, without any investment or additional costs, generate a recurring revenue stream.

For private attorneys

Private attorneys subscribe to our TeleCorrections services and select from the different monthly plans available one that best suits their needs. Once subscribed and approved (by the facility), attorneys can logon and schedule video visits with the inmates. Facilities keep 100% control over the attorney and can delete or modify scheduled sessions as well as revoke the attorney’s access to your video visitation system. This service provides time and cost savings to attorneys by eliminating the need to travel to and from jails, and wait at the facility.

For public visitors

The service enables the public (e.g., family, friends) to conduct visitations with an inmate without having to travel to the facility. This service functions with your facility’s visitation policies, allowing you to apply necessary restrictions. This service is accessed from the Internet and the enrolment, scheduling, etc., are done via the web. Visitors are charged on a pay per use basis.