Managed Video Visitation

Primonics’ managed video visitation service provides our clients the very best in Inmate Video Visitation without the burden and costs of managing the system. We offer you the ability to have your TeleCorrections video visitation system maintained and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You benefit from a quality of service that is fast, accessible, secure, and a pricing model that fits your budget.

Primonics has been managing TeleCorrections systems for correctional facilities since 2008. We provide a complete, managed environment including design, setup, hardware, software, 24-hour help desk support, networking services, as well as ongoing application management for a low fixed monthly fee.

The benefits?  Lowered costs. Less complexity. More IT control.

Eliminate the stress of hosting: Gain access to the very best technology, personnel and facilities. Our dedicated team monitors, maintains, and optimizes every aspect of your managed environment.

Control costs: There is no need to buy and maintain servers or invest in network infrastructure.

The service includes:

-Service packs and patches management
-Communications management
-Performance checks
-Database integrity, backups, etc.
-Preventative maintenance
-Database upgrades
-Application upgrades
-Hardware upgrades / add-ons

Get Started:

3 Steps To Managed Video Visitation