TeleCorrections Applications

User management Icon User and System Management

User management of the video communications process including point-to-point connection, scheduling, security, user identification, user management, as well as system usage auditing, reporting, and billing, is achieved through a simple yet powerful Internet browser based interface.

Automated Scheduling Scheduler

Inmate video visits are set up through an automated smart scheduling system which can be integrated with any Jail Management System. Approved and authorized users such as attorneys and probation officers can request a video visit from their computer. The scheduler identifies the inmate’s housing location and automatically schedules a block of time on a terminal at that location. The housing unit Corrections Officer advises the inmate of the pending visit. The smart scheduler can re-direct a scheduled video visit to a terminal in another part of the facility if the inmate has been moved. The smart scheduler can also re-direct a video visit to another terminal if the terminal originally selected is not available.

Inmate Information Lookup

In order to reduce the volume of inmate information requests to Corrections Officers in a housing area, the TeleCorrections system can provide basic information to inmates. Following the Correctional Facility Administrator’s approval, information such as next court date, commissary balance, and bail amount, can be made available to inmates via the application on the touch screen terminals.

Commissary Basket Icon Commissary

Commissary ordering can be interfaced with any commissary vendor system. The application forwards all orders directly to the Correctional Facility’s commissary vendor or in-house staff and advises the inmate of his/her commissary balance prior to placing an order. The application’s touchscreen terminals make ordering easy and simple for inmates.

Sick Call Icon Sick Call

With this module enabled, all inmate housing area TeleCorrections terminals can be used to place sick calls. The inmate sick call process becomes more efficient as electronic sick-call slips are forwarded to designated clinics or nursing stations in the Correctional Facility. Medical staff can easily evaluate complaints or concerns and take appropriate action for triage priority.

TeleChat Icon Telechat

The Telechat module allows internal users such as attorneys, probation officers, and jail administrators, to securely communicate with each other using their computers. Telechat provides both video/audio chat capabilities.